A Good Restaurant and a Good Car Are Two Necessary Enjoyments for Men

Whether you want to call it being stereotypical or cliché, us men can be simple creatures.

Turn on a sporting event, give us some boobs to look at, and throw back some beer and food and we’re as content as can be. In fact, many of us would call that the perfect day.

Sure, not all men are like that, but overall it’s pretty safe to say that there are a lot who are. Usually, we just require some basic necessities and a few hobbies to get us through this crazy world. And, there’s nothing more necessary than cars and food.

But what do men prefer more—a good car, or a good restaurant?

Cars, as it should already be known, are a guy’s favorite things. No matter their social status, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever, men love cars. But why do they fascinate us?

There’s an excellent article from Men’s Health in 2011 that explains why. Basically, the article states that men just love to drive, cars fulfill our primal urges, they attract women, and cars are men’s creations (since we design and build them). At first you may think that that is bologna. But, just stop for a second and you’ll realize there’s some truth to the article.

There was also a 2007 study in Britain that found that men see their cars as an extension of themselves. They show affection towards their vehicles, petting it like a dog and talking fondly about it. And they feel so comfortable within it that they’ll drive with one hand and sing out loud as if no one else could hear them.

If men love cars so much, then what could possibly be more important to them? Sports? Women? How about food?

According to a 2009 Australian study, men prefer food to sex. The survey, which was conducted by Magnum Ice Cream, polled about 10,000 subjects and asked which everyday experiences gave them the most pleasure. By using “a scale to determine the frequency and intensity to which individuals are stimulated by certain triggers,” it was discovered that eating was deemed the most pleasurable experience among males. “Physical arousal” came in fourth, following “personal accomplishments” and “relaxing.”

Doctors commenting on the survey were baffled on why food gave men the most amount of pleasure, so they came up with some Freudian excuse, which we’re not going to bore you with. While we’re not psychologists, we are sure that men prefer eating because, you know, people need it to survive.

While we couldn’t find a study comparing cars and food, it’s almost safe to say that eating at a good restaurant would beat out driving a car—since we apparently prefer food over sex, how can a car compete? Also, going out to a good restaurant involves taking a woman out, which could lead to some dessert back at your place. And finally, how would you get to and from the restaurant? Driving your car, of course. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

Image Source: Flickr

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