Rumored iOS 6 Screenshots Reveal New Maps App

Source: Maps and Compass Built-in Apps/ Apple

Mobile news website Boy Genius Report posted a collection of blurry photos last Tuesday, revealing the rumored iOS 6’s redesigned Maps application. According to the website’s “trusted source,” the app’s new user interface will have a silver color scheme and it is expected to be the major component of the upcoming mobile operating system.

Redesigned Maps App, Heading to iOS 6

The new Maps is said to feature a button at the bottom left with two options: A “Locate Me” feature and a quick access to 3D mode. Apple’s 3D mapping solution is believed to be made possible by the acquisition of C3 Technologies last year.

In relation to this, there were claims that the 3D mapping functionality is nearly done, and it is being tested in a purported iOS 6 Build 10A3XXX. There were also previous reports suggesting that the 3D feature will be the company’s key component for its new in-house solution.

Other than the 3D mapping, the Maps application is said to add traffic as one of its key component. As Apple announced last month, they are “collecting anonymous traffic data to build a crowd-sourced traffic database.” It is meant to add an “improved traffic service” that is said to be launched in the coming years.

In line with this, the pictures from BGR also reveal a “Directions” button, which could include Apple’s traffic service. It is said to aid users by providing a turn-by-turn driving directions. The app’s mapping data will also have a different look, which could be similar to OpenStreetMap data that the company has been using since the release of iPhoto for iOS last March.

Moving Away from Google Maps

It has been a long time since it was reported that Apple has plans of moving away from Google and build its own mapping solution. The company’s plans first surfaced in 2009 when they purchased Placebase, a Google Maps competitor.

After that, Apple purchased Poly9, another mapping company, and used its own location databases for the Maps application that was launched with the iOS 3.2. The said mobile OS was created for the first-generation iPad. It was followed by another key acquisition when the company bought C3 Technologies, a Sweden-based 3D mapping firm.


The revamped application is expected to be part of the company’s iOS 6 demonstration at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The said event will kick off on June 11-15 at the Moscone West in San Francisco, California.

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