Photos of Rumored Components for Next-Gen iPhone Emerges

Source: iPhone 4S/ Apple

Repair firm uBreakiFix provided images to tech and gadget website Engadget last Tuesday showing the back panel of the rumored next-generation iPhone. The photos suggest that the upcoming handset will feature an aluminum back, a smaller dock connector, and a relocated headphone jack.

However, the picture shows a slightly taller iPhone design and a suspicious font that displays the iPhone product name. This suggests that the device could be a counterfeit.

Next-Generation iPhone’s Rumored Components

Although the images should be taken with a grain of salt, they do fall in line with recent claims of what the next-generation Apple phone might look like. There were previous reports saying that the company is planning to ditch the glass back panels that are being used in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for a new aluminum back.

A rumor about the headphone jack and earpiece could also explain the relocated component in the photo of the supposed next-generation iPhone. The jack has been relocated to the bottom of the device in the photo, along with the earpiece and Wi-Fi components. In the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the component is located next to the device’s volume button and mute switch on the upper left corner of the mobile phone.

The 30-pin iPod dock connector is also said to be retiring soon, as the next-generation iPhone is rumored to feature a new and smaller port. It is believed that the new port could save space on the handset.

As for its size, the device is purported to have a 4-inch display. The upcoming smartphone is said to boast a Retina display that is slightly larger than the 3.5-inch screen that has been used on all previous iPhone models.

After the images surfaced on the Web, 9to5 Mac also provided photos of the next-generation iPhone’s front panel. It seems that the handset won’t be thinner, as other images would suggest, although it does have a “different-hued, two-toned design.”


Since nothing has been officially announced yet, it is impossible to assume that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will depart from its predecessors when it comes to design; nevertheless, tech enthusiasts should definitely expect an internal redesign. The company’s upcoming handset is scheduled to be revealed this October, just a year after iPhone 4S was released.

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