Design Schematic Showing Next-gen iPhone’s Front Panel Surfaces

Source: Apple iPhone 4S/ Apple

A picture showing the purported design schematic of Apple’s next-generation iPhone has surfaced, garnering more support to previous claims that the handset will be slightly taller with larger display. The image was posted by Japanese iPhone repair firm iLab Factory last Wednesday. Other than its size and display, the front-facing camera appears to be moved at the center of the device, just above the earpiece.

Matching the Rumored Back Panel Images

The design schematic matches that images that AMOG reported yesterday, showing the back panel of the upcoming mobile phone. It shows an aluminum back panel with small glass ends at the top and bottom of the next-gen iPhone. The picture also shows a smaller dock connector and the headphone jack was also relocated at the bottom of the handset.

But what makes the images suspicious is the font used for the “iPhone” product name at the back. It doesn’t identically match Apple’s existing logo, which suggests that the device on the photo is an elaborate counterfeit.

Nevertheless, the design schematic is further indication that the iPhone maker could have been working in a slightly taller mobile phone with 4-inch screen. In relation to this, Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that the company has been ordering larger displays for its next-generation iPhone.

Apple: Shifting to Take On Competitors

Apple is said to be working with a number of screen manufacturers such as LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display Inc to come up with a 4-inch screen for its upcoming handset. The manufacturing process is seet to begin in the next few months. Previous rumors have suggested that the new handset will be a major redesign, revamping the layout that has been employed to iPhone 4 since it was released in mid-2010.

The company’s shift is attributed to the fact that its competitors are offering smartphones with larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy S II, for instance, features 4.8-inch display while the Samsung Galaxy Note boasts a massive 5.3-inch display that is equipped with a stylus.

As rumors of larger display for the next-generation iPhone continuous to crop up, many have speculated that a bigger screen would make the handset slightly taller. Thus, more pixels will be added at the top and bottom of the screen. This also means that app developers must update their software in order to take advantage of the larger display.


The recent rumors only show that Apple’s next-generation iPhone would be a major departure from iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’ design. It is also expected that the company will take off the wraps of the upcoming handset this October.

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