Capcom is Taking Down Fate/Unlimited Codes Soon

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Players of Fate/Unlimited Codes should hurry and grab their copy of the Type-Moon fighter, as Capcom USA announced that they will take it down from PlayStation Network soon. The game publisher revealed that they have no intentions of renewing the game’s digital license that is due to expire on June 12.

More About Fate/Unlimited Codes

Based on the PC visual novel Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Unlimited Codes was originally conceptualized by Type-Moon. It was planned by Cavia, developed by 8ing and was eventually published by Capcom.

Released for the arcades in June 2008, it was launched for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on December of the same year. A year after that, the game was brought to PlayStation Portable via download at the PlayStation Store in Japan, followed by a North American and European release on September 2009. The PS2 and PSP version includes exclusive characters such as Bazett Fraga Mcremitz, Saber Alter, Leysritt and Zero Lancer.

Fate/Unlimited Codes’ Gameplay

When the game was ported from arcade to PS2, it brings in new bells and whistles to keep the handheld gamers happy. This includes two local wireless play and un-lockable extras.

Fate/Unlimited Codes features 17 characters ranging from innocent schoolgirls to bulking Berserker. Each carries a weapon and has its own unique ability and controls. The game is not anything fighting games haven’t seen before, which makes it an easy game to learn and play.

Most of its basic attacks are a combination of back and forward directional presses followed by an assault. Special attacks, on the other hand, are down-to-forward rolls that are followed with a strong hit.

The story of the game revolves with the search for the Holy Grail, which is believed to grant any wish. Gamers can play it in arcade mode if they want to follow each character’s path and see if they could find the mythical item. It also enables them to unlock new character art, videos and alternate costumes—with some of these created exclusively for the PSP version.

There is also a mission mode, wherein specific tasks must be performed. The game also includes the standard versus quick play button and the spectator mode, which allows players to watch their favorite characters fight out without their help.


Meanwhile, Capcom have cut Fate/Unlimited Codes’ price to $10 as a special goodbye sale. The discounted game will be available until the game publisher removes it from PSN. This could be good news for first time buyers, but those who bought the game on its original price might feel betrayed. Nevertheless, those who already have it could still enjoy it even if it’s no longer available on PSN.

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