Apple is Unlikely to Cut Mac Pro

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During his “Amplified” podcast with Dan Benjamin, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple made his remarks last Wednesday that Apple will release a new Mac Pro, and that the company is less likely to ax the said product. Dalrymple has a proven track record with everything that has to do with iDevices.

In fact, Instapaper creator Marco Arment noted the podcast and compared it to Dalrymple’s famous “Yep” blog post. The post that was made last February confirmed the release of the new iPad on March 7, which turned out to be accurate.

Despite Dalrymple’s confidence that Apple will release a new line of Mac Pro, many speculate that the company is questioning the long-term viability of the machine. On the other hand, the Cupertino-based company declined to tell the status of their product.

“We Want a New Mac Pro” Petition

Prior to this, a Facebook petition group We Want a New Mac Pro was created by professional video editor Lou Borella earlier this month. Now garnering 14,000 likes, the group calls Apple to inform its customers if there’s any chance that a new Mac Pro will be released or not. Although Borella admitted that he is hoping for an upgraded machine, he said that the only goal of the group is for the company to give an indication whether they should wait for a new machine or come up with another plan.

“All they have to do is say four words: ‘Pro users, stay tuned.’ That’s all that they would have to say and the 13,000+ people that are on the site right now would breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Apple still sees us, they’re still committed… Everybody’s patience meter which has gone all the way completely to frustration would just automatically be reset back to zero.”

He also added that Apple customers experience “angst” whenever they purchase an Apple product because they are scared that the company will introduce a new device after a couple of weeks.

Apple Customers: Connecting at an Emotional Level

What makes this petition interesting is the fact that it is the reason why Apple CEO Tim Cook moved from Compaq to the company in 1998. In an interview last Tuesday, he admitted that he was impressed by the fact that Apple customers would get mad at them but still continue to buy their products.

For Tim Cook, “an Apple customer is a unique breed.” That’s because customers connect to them on an emotional level.

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