Microsoft Unveiled Xbox SmartGlass at E3 2012

Source: Xbox Smart Glass/ Xbox Press Kit

During its media briefing at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California last Monday, Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox feature—the Xbox SmartGlass. Considered as a competitor against Apple’s AirPlay, the component is tied to the game console that connects to the iPhone and iPad to enhance content watching and game playing.

It will be a cross-platform functionality that will be available to Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. The Xbox SmartGlass is expected to be available later this year. Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s president for Interactive Business, revealed:

“Xbox is on a mission to make the entertainment that you love even more amazing. With Xbox SmartGlass, we are lighting up entertainment across your phone, tablet, PC and TV in a completely new way. If you love to play games, watch TV and movies, surf the Web, or listen to music, there has never been a better time to be on Xbox.”

The new Xbox feature can be used just like Apple’s AirPlay. It allows users to stream content from an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV set-top box. But in this case, SmartGlass can make it possible by presumably using a Microsoft built-in iOS application.

The Smart Thing About Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft showed off how a content being played on Xbox 360 gets an additional content on another device like the iPad. While a user is streaming a TV series on HBO Go on his HDTV, an interactive map of the TV show will displayed and updated on the tablet in real-time.

Other than that, the company also demonstrated their new Internet Explorer for Xbox 360, and how it can be controlled using a smartphone. With the power of Xbox 360, Kinect and SmartGlass, users will be able to surf the Internet using their own voice on the game console and navigate it using mobile devices. The Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 will roll out this fall in all countries where Xbox and Xbox LIVE are available.

The SmartGlass will also enhance games like EA Sports’ Madden NFL. In relation to this, a user can use his tablet to select plays and draw up new ones that can be used on the game console.

Furthermore, Microsoft also introduced its new Nike+ fitness application for its Kinect motion control accessory. Prior to this, the shoemaker had a partnership with Apple for the app’s iPhone and iPod version.


It seems that two years after Kinect was released, Microsoft has found a new way to make its famous game console synonymous with entertainment. The Xbox SmartGlass is the company’s bold new vision of having fun at home and on the go.

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