Apple is Gearing Up for an ‘Exciting’ September

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According to people from the Taiwanese supply chain, Apple is getting ready to have an “exciting” September this year. That’s because the company is believed to launch its next-generation iPhone and a smaller iPad by that time.

What to Expect for the Next-generation iPhone

Topeka Capital Markets’ Brian White is in Taiwan this week to attend the 2012 Computex Show that will kick off today. He also met with the local contacts in the supply chain, and picked up word that Apple is set to have an “exciting” September.

According to his sources, it is more likely for Apple to release its next-generation iPhone during this month instead of October. Last year, the company unveiled its iPhone 4S in October, which is a couple of months later than the launch window that they have used in previous years.

Furthermore, there were claims that the upcoming handset will feature a unibody case. This is consistent with the recent rumors, wherein purported images of the new mobile phone show its aluminum back panel. It is said that Apple is “skeptical” about using liquidmetal, an amorphous metal that the company has exclusive rights to use in consumer electronic products.

Other than its aluminum back, there were also rumors that the next-generation iPhone will feature a 4-inch screen, a relocated headphone jack, and a new front-facing camera that can be found just above the earpiece. The 30-pin iPod dock connector is said to be retiring soon, as the upcoming handset will feature a new and smaller component that could save space for the device.

Introducing the iPad “Mini”

Aside from the upcoming Apple handset, White believes that the company will introduce an iPad Mini this September. There were recent reports that they are experimenting with a 7.85-inch screen for the tablet, which would also pack the same 1024 x 768-pixel resolution. This would enable developers to run their app on the smaller iPad without any modification. Moreover, it could still be branded as Retina Display.

Although it is unsure whether the mini tablet will hit the shelves, Apple is reportedly preparing to release 6 million units of iPad Mini during the third quarter of this year. It will be priced at around $249-$299, and it is believed to “counter attack” upcoming Windows 8 tablets. In fact, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber claims that the rumored device could be a possible competitor against Amazon Kindle Fire.


There are no official statements coming from Apple as of the moment. Nevertheless, people will be giddy from this day on until the time that the company will take the wrap off its new offerings.

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