10 Steps to a World Class Shave

World Class Shave from Gillette

Start your morning fresh with a proper shave, gentlemen, because a smooth face goes a long way (we checked with the ladies). Gillette brings you the proper way to shave, and if you think you’ve been doing it right all these years, think again. You might just miss some points.

Here’s how you shave properly, according to Gillette:

1. Hydrate your face with warm water for 3 minutes.
2. Clean away oil, dirt and dead skin to make your shaving process a smooth one.
3. Apply non-drying shaving gel.
4. Use a multi-blade razor and check the indicator strip whether the blade needs to be changed or not.
5. Use light, gentle strokes.
6. Start by shaving with the grain.
7. Rinse your razor frequently.
8. Try Shaving against the grain for extra closeness.
9. Trim those hard-to-reach places with a single blade.
10. Rinse your face with cold water to seal the pores.

More of a visual person? Check this video and make sure you’re shaving right!

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