Star Wars 1313 Shows Evidence of PS4 and Xbox 720

Source: Lucas Arts Star Wars 1313/ Lucas Arts

LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313 is a newly revealed gamed that shows evidence of an upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720. The game was revealed when the game developer released a set of new screenshots for its game, which shows off CG-level of visual quality.

Delving Deeper into Star Wars 1313

LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313 is basically a “darker, gritter” take on the Star Wars universe. Using a third-person adventure, players will take the role of a bounty hunter who descends to Coruscant’s city level 1313. The game has two sections: The platform and cover gunplay. Both are reminiscent of Uncharted, and it looks stunning as its runs on a “high-end spec” PC.

Spike TV released a short E3 video that shows Star Wars 1313’s gameplay. Developer Dominic Robilliard revealed that the E3 demo was created on a NVIDIA-powered PC. However, there were no words as to what type of platforms will the game land on.

PS4 and Xbox 720

Although no words on the platforms were out yet, the screenshots points to a next-generation console from Sony and Microsoft. It was reported last February that LucasArts was looking for a Graphics Engineer and Senior Tools Engineer for an “Action/Adventure Title.”

According to the job post, the Graphics Engineer “will be working on establishing the benchmark for an in-game graphics on future console and PC hardware with a team of talented artists and engineers.” The Senior Tools Engineer, on the other hand, “develops the essential tools and pipelines for game development on current and future generation console and PC hardware.”

There is also specification which states that “experience with cinematic action adventure games is a plus.” But whether the future generation console that the job listings are talking about is Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 720 remains to be seen.

The Million Dollar Question

Robilliard added that a release date for Star Wars 1313 is yet to be announced, suggesting a 2013 launch as the earliest. However, it is unknown whether a new console will be released by that time.

Considering that most games take two to three years to develop and finish, would that mean that a PS4 and Xbox 720 will hit the stores by then? Although LucasArts released a set of screenshots that points to a next-generation gaming console that will be available in a couple of years, it will remain unlikely until its manufacturers give an official word about it.

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