What to Expect at WWDC 2012

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Next week, Apple will kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, and speculation of what the company will offer is becoming rampant. The event is expected to be highlighted by a refreshed lineup of Mac products, iOS 6, Siri for iPad, a better iCloud, and the OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Mac Pro

After two years, Apple will allegedly refresh its Mac Pro desktop tower. Although it’s unclear what features the machine will have, there are speculations that it will sport Intel Xeon E5 chips, Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0. It is said that three Mac Pro models will be available, one of which can be used as an OS X server.


Before Mac Pro took the spotlight, there were already reports that Apple will update its MacBooks. To be specific, the notebook will adopt the traits of MacBook Air by having a slimmer and lighter case, instant-on capabilities, and flash-memory-based solid-state drives. The device is also rumored to sport a Retina display and Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

Apple TV

There are also speculations that new Apple TV software will be demonstrated at the event next week. Although there’s no concrete information about its features, it is believed that the entertainment device would allow users to control their home entertainment system using Apple Remote or the Remote iOS app.

iOS 6

While it is expected to officially debut this fall, many Apple fans believe that the company will provide a sneak preview of their latest mobile operating system—the iOS 6. There were reports that the software will have Facebook integration, which would allow users to share photos, links, and other content on the social networking website with just a few clicks. The company is also said to be ditching Google Maps on iOS 6; instead, they will use their own mapping technology.

Siri for iPad

Owners of new iPads may soon be able to talk with their tablet just like they can on an iPhone 4S. That’s because there were rumors that Siri will be available on the new iPad through iOS 6. But whether the voice-command app will have a new home on the Apple tablet remains to be seen.


News about an improved iCloud emerged on the Internet last month. The enhancement includes a new photo-sharing feature, which would allow users to share images with other iCloud users. Apple will also refurbish by adding access to the iOS Note and Reminders apps.

Mountain Lion

Apple is likely to talk about OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion next week. Following its developer-preview release, there had been reports that the software will feature Gatekeeper security, better iCloud integration, iOS apps, and many other features.


If all rumors turn out to be true, the WWDC 2012 will be a big show. The conference will start with a keynote address on Monday, June 11, at 10 AM and will take place at Moscone West, San Francisco, California.

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