Kotobukiya Launches Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue


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After the release of the first Bishoujo statue of Christie Monteiro, online toy store Kotobukiya introduces the Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue on its website recently. The statue is now available for pre-order at $449.99. To those who don’t know, Yoshimitsu is one of the original characters in Namco Bandai’s critically acclaimed Tekken game franchise.

Meet the Fearsome Masked Ninja

Yoshimitsu is a masked ninja that is also considered as one of the game’s fearsome fighter. He made his first appearance during Tekken’s inaugural release in 1994. Since then, the character has appeared on every game in the series.

It is said that his weapon, a tachi, has been brought down through the Manji clan leaders. In the Tekken’s first franchise, Yoshimitsu entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament as a decoy, so that other members of the clan can secretly steal the tournament’s funds. At Namco’s latest Tekken installment, he realized that the evil energy of his sword may soon drive him to insanity. Thus, the character decided to wield another sword, the Fumaken, which is believed to seal demonic power.

Other than Tekken, he also appeared on Soulcalibur in 1998. In the game, Yoshimitsu refused to pledge allegiance to the power-hungry Oda Nobunaga. He later discovered that his village was destroyed, and sets out to search for the fabled Soul Edge for revenge. However, the character realized that he can’t get past Nobunaga or Nightmare if he’ll give in to his hatred. When he arrived at the castle where the Soul Edge is situated, he discovered that it has been locked with the Soul Calibur.

A Sneak Peak at the Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue

The statue is sculpted by the Japanese master artist Takayuki Takeya. It stands almost 14 inches tall on top giant mechanoid head. This makes the whole figure stand at 21.5 inches.

Yoshimitsu stands victorious on the mechanoid head with this distinct armor and two swords. His armor has been detailed with multiple textures. This includes metal, sculpted “fabric”, layered plating, intricate piping and design, buckles, straps and many more. It is paired with a fantastic paint job that captures a unique look. The character also has an enormous circular device behind his head, and two scabbards that are mounted on his back and hip.

Other than Yoshimitsu, the giant mechanoid head also shows off an incredible sculpture. It is detailed with severe battle damage, as well as natural and mechanical innards that spill out onto the battlefield.

Although it is still in a pre-order status in the US, Electronic Theatre reported that the Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue is now available for purchase in the UK at £469.99.

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