Maps on iOS 6 will Arrive on Selected Apple Devices

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Source: Maps on iOS 6/ Apple

After Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Moscone West last Monday, it appears that the dust has been settled. Aside from the new lineup of Macs, the company’s iOS 6 gained spectators, as well as its redesign Maps application. However, it looks like owner of older Apple devices are in for some disappointment.

Once the company rolls out its iOS 6 this fall, iPhone 4 users won’t be able take advantage of the Turn-by-turn Directions or Flyover features of the redesigned Maps application. The functionality will only be available for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad users.

Turn-by-turn Functionality on iOS 6’s Maps Application

Although the upcoming mobile operating system is also compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the app’s turn-by-turn functionality will not be available on the said iPhone models. Apple also noted that “some features may not be available in all countries or all areas.”

The said functionality is considered as the biggest feature of the redesigned Maps app. Furthermore, the application was created by Apple from scratch after ditching the Google Maps. The company’s official description of the functionality reads:

As you approach a turn, Maps speaks directions, so you can keep your eyes on the road. In addition, the screen turns into a 3D perspective view of the road ahead. Large signs and arrows superimposed over the image show you which way to go and how long it’s going to take to get there—even if your phone is locked.

Other than the spoken directions, turn-by-turn includes 3D view and real-time traffic information.

Also on Maps: Flyover and Siri

In addition, only the latest hardware can take advantage of Maps’ Flyover feature. It uses advanced 3D mapping data, and will only be available on cities where 3D models have been created. This functionality will also offer detailed recreations that will be rendered in real time. As Apple describes it:

See major metro areas from the air with photo-realistic, interactive 3D views. Explore cities in high resolution as you zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate around the city and its landmarks.

In addition to the turn-by-turn and flyover functionalities, Siri on Maps is also limited to Apple devices that feature the voice command software. As of the moment, the app is only available to iPhone 4S. However, it will also arrive to the new iPad once the iOS 6 lands on the tablet this fall.

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