Nissan Juke Nismo, to Make a Global Debut at Le Mans

Source: Nissan Juke-R/ Nissan-Dubai

Nissan announced that its upcoming Juke Nismo will make its world debut at the Le Mans this weekend. Prior to this report, its performance crossover concept was already revealed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

It is aimed at car lovers who are looking for a ride that reflect edgy personality, the Juke Nismo enhances the standard car’s unique combination of compact car agility, coupe-like responses and SUV strength. As stated by the car manufacturer’s Executive Vice President Andy Palmer:

The global sales success of Nissan Juke has proved beyond doubt that customers are looking for something different. The Juke Nismo Concept takes that idea to the next level, it’s energetic, distinctive and highly desirable.

Under Nissan Juke Nismo’s Hood

The car took some of the design cues of the Juke-R. However, it doesn’t share its cousin’s 407 kW twin-turbocharged V6 engine or its $600,000 price tag. Instead, it will be a tamer and accessible version, with a price that is closer to the standard crossover range.

In addition, it will feature a new and efficient aerodynamic kit with its lower front and rear bumpers, wider wings and side skirts. The vehicle will have a modified grille and rear spoiler for control airflow. Its new 18-inch alloy wheels have wider, lower profile tyres that promises improved grip. On the other hand, Juke Nismo’s stiffened suspension and steering tweaks shows off sportier ride and more direct handling.

Nissan upcoming car will have an improved vectoring system so it will have a better grip and cornering ability. Meanwhile, its interior sports crossover and uniquely styled pedals, gauges, steering wheel, gear knob, door trims, as well as suede-trimmed Nismo sports seats.

Nissan hasn’t revealed what’s under the Juke Nismo’s hood, although they confirmed that it will sport a “tuned-up” version of a standard car’s 1.6-liter direct-injection turbocharged petrol engine. Pricing and specific details are also expected to surface before its 2013 launch.


The Nissan Juke Nismo is scheduled to go on sale next year in Europe, and will land on the US and Japan soil on a later date. Nissan enthusiasts may be in for some disappointment, as the car will not be sold in the said country. However, Nissan Australia’s new managing director Bill Peffer stated that he’s working hard to get the car into their local showroom. Thus, fans of this crossover should “watch this space.”

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