Rendered Photos Show what Next-gen iPhone would Look Like

Source: Apple iPhone 4S/ Apple

Flickr user Martin Hajek posted images of a rendered next-generation iPhone on the photo-sharing site recently. The depicted handset is based on the rumors that the upcoming Apple mobile phone will boast smaller docks, larger speakers, metal back and 4-inch screen. Hajek also explained that rendered next-gen iPhone were modeled in Rhinoceros 3D.

Heating Up Next-generation iPhone Rumors

Prior to this, there were already rumors emerging, suggesting what Apple’s next-generation iPhone might look like.  Last week, a video surface on the Internet, showing the device’s rumored unibody backplate in details. It appears that the handset will be thinner and taller than its predecessors.

It was followed by a “leaked” design schema of the handset’s front panel. The design shows that the mobile phone will feature a taller display and a FaceTime that has been relocated just above the earpiece. Furthermore, this is also evidence that Apple is working on a larger screen for its next-generation iPhone.

Last month, repair firm uBreakiFix provided images to Engadget that shows the back panel of next-gen iPhone.  The photos suggest that the mobile phone will feature an aluminum back, smaller dock connector and a relocated headphone jack. However, the back panel has a slightly suspicious font that displays the iPhone name. This means that images are showing a counterfeit device.

Regardless, the rumored headphone jack and earpiece could explain the relocated components. The jack can now be found at the bottom of the next-generation iPhone, along with the earpiece and Wi-Fi components. The 30-pin dock connector is also said to be retiring soon, as the handset is believed to feature a smaller and time-savvy port.

Standing Against Competitors and Departing from Predecessors

More and more rumors about the next-generation iPhone’s components are appearing online, claiming that Apple is taking a flight from its iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S when it comes to design. In addition, its rumored 4-inch screen is said to be creating direct competition against manufacturers who offer devices with larger display. However, everything remains to be seen.

Apple is expected to unveil its upcoming handset this fall, although there are still debates whether it’ll be on September or October. Regardless, the company will likely to release its new mobile phone a year after iPhone 4S was announced. From there, people will have the chance to confirm which among the many rumors came into reality and which one doesn’t.

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