Stream Music on iTunes Match—No Download Required


Apple rolled out the iOS 6 developer preview last Monday, showing new and improved native apps—including the iTunes Match.

Last year, there were controversies as to whether the application can stream music or just download it. As it turns out, iTunes Match can only play songs as they download. But that won’t be the same once iOS 6 lands on Apple devices.

iTunes Match on iOS 6

Initially launched last November, iTunes Match scans and matches tracks in user’s iTunes library in all of their devices. However, it doesn’t stream music and requires download before playing it.

But with iOS 6, owners of Apple devices can now store songs on iTunes Match and stream it. Thus, users no longer need to download their music just to play it on another device. Now, the only set back of the application is the fact that users still need to pay for the music they want to play.

As Apple ‘n’ Apps noted in the iOS 6 beta, iTunes Match is now a full-on streaming service. Users can now stream or download a song, with streaming being the default playback option:

“iTunes Match has become a streaming service in the beta. We confirmed by playing a few songs, then turning off iTunes Match, and seeing that the music folder then had mo music. In iOS 5, the few tracks you listened are stored. The various playlists, artists, and songs also drop the cloud icon next to them, and those are reserved for the album view, and a little bit off to the side.”

The iTunes Match costs $24.99 per year. With this annual fee and its capability to stream or download music, the application could be enough for users to drop their Spotify subscription.

Siri Goes Social

Other than iTunes Match, Apple also made small but significant changes for Siri. The voice command application now has social media element to it.

Users can now tweet or post a Facebook status using the iOS 6 app. Siri will respond to social prompts such as “Post to Facebook,” “Post to Twitter” and “Tweet.” The Notification Center also has a spot wherein users can just simply “Tap to Tweet.”


Apple device owners will have to wait until fall before they give iOS 6 a spin. But for those who are paying for Apple’s iOS Developer Program, they can grab it today from the Developer Center.

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