Rumor Alert: Microsoft will Introduce Windows RT on June 18

There were reports that Microsoft invited media people for a “major announcement” that will take place in Los Angeles on Monday, June 18. In relation to this, there were also speculations that the company will introduce its ARM-based Windows RT during the event.

Unveiling the Windows RT

Last Thursday, Ina Fried of All Things D cited sources outside of the company and reported that Microsoft’s LA event is set to show ARM-based tablets that will run on Windows 8. Furthermore, the company will uncover the programs and services that will be available on the products.

The upcoming operating system is scheduled to land on desktops and low-power tablets later this year. A couple of months ago, the software giant revealed that Windows 8 running on ARM-based devices will be dubbed as Windows RT. Together with it are the Windows 8 for PC and Windows 8 Pro, which is a full-featured version of the desktop OS.

More About Windows RT

Windows RT will only be available as a pre-installed feature on PCs and tablets that are powered by ARM processors. Microsoft hopes that this will allow thin and light form factors to have improved battery life. Other than that, the ARM-based OS will also include a touch-optimized version of the Microsoft Office Suit such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Earlier this month, AMOG also reported that the company will launch their Office for iPad this November. The speculated release date would give Microsoft the chance to launch the Windows RT before the Apple tablet could have the chance to give the Office application a spin.

Since the Windows RT will come pre-installed on ARM-based devices, it won’t support any installation of computer software. Instead, Microsoft would want developers to focus on the operating system. The company believes that Windows RT will become the “foundation of a new generation of cloud-enabled, touch-enabled, web-connected apps of all kinds.”

Hesitations Behind Windows RT

However, there were those who deem that Microsoft’s Windows RT is something that could confuse potential customers. JP Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz said last month that a number of Windows-branded devices could benefit Apple, as the Cupertino-based company provides a more integrated solution and streamlined product lineup.

“We think that the consumer could be confused and distracted by the bevy of PCs, tablets, e-readers, and hybrid devices slated for release later this year. A combination of varying operating systems and hardware form factors are the key reasons.”

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