The 11 Most Disappointing TV Series Finales Ever

It’s that time of the year when we say goodbye to our favorite TV shows for the season, or possibly forever.

No matter how hard television writers try, they can’t please every single one of their audience members. With the exception of M.A.S.H., when a show ends there is usually debate amongst fans. When a show is over, it’s over. Even if there is a disappointing season finale there’s always hope that the show can turn things around.

With that in mind we’re counting down the 11 most disappointing series finales. All of these were great TV shows that, when they ended, left fans a little dissatisfied.

11. Entourage

Entourage should have ended two or three seasons before the finale, but we stuck with the boys hoping that the show would get better. It didn’t. Instead we got a finale that showed Vincent Chase and company going their own ways and becoming responsible men. I know that there needs to be character growth on TV, but sometimes writers should just stick with the if-it’s-not-broke-don’t-fix-it approach.

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10. Dallas

Dallas was the same show that gave us the “Who Shot J.R.?” season finale, arguably one of the greatest cliffhangers on TV ever. So, you would think that after 14 seasons the show would end on a high note. Nope. Instead fans were given one of Satan’s minions convincing J.R. to kill himself in a “It’s a Wonderful Life” style finale.

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9. ALF

Seriously. Who didn’t love Gordon Shumway, aka ALF? Our favorite furry alien, however, was captured by the government and presumably tortured for scientific purposes in the show’s final episode. This was after he finally made contact with some friends on the colony of New Melmac.

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8. Airwolf

When CBS sold the show to the USA Network there was one major problem: it didn’t come with the helicopter known as Airwolf. So, how can a show called Airwolf go on without Airwolf? And if you thought things couldn’t get any worse, USA allotted only a tiny budget for the series. That meant almost an entirely new cast and horrible special effects for the once-awesome show.

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7. Seinfeld

On paper, the finale of Seinfeld probably seemed like a good idea. However, it became one of the most disappointing finales in TV history. I guess the main reason that fans weren’t happy about the ending wasn’t so much the plot, putting the Seinfeld Four on trial, but the fact that it was just a poor excuse to parade around an endless amount of guest stars and former characters that made it essentially a clip episode.

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6. Lost

Personally, I can live with the Lost finale, I even got a little chocked up. But, I can understand why fans were disappointed. We wanted answers after six devoted seasons, like what exactly was the island, and we didn’t get them. Maybe that’s because the writers were in over their heads or maybe because fans expected too much from the final episode. Regardless, we were left with questions that we’ll never get answered.

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5. The X-Files

Before Lost there was another groundbreaking show that gained a dedicated fan following. The X-Files went a couple seasons longer than it was supposed to (creator Chris Carter had planned for only five seasons) which may explain why the series finale not only felt jumbled but it also left fans with more questions than answers.

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4. Dinosaurs

This family friendly show about loveable dinosaurs that were like us had one of the most depressing finales ever as the Ice Age begins to dominate the Earth, thanks in part to the patriarch of the family, Earl, and kills every character on the show. Yeah. Wonder how parents explained that to their balling kids.

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3. St. Elsewhere

OK, we all know this infamous ending. It turns out that the entire series was in the mind of an autistic child. So, it’s definitely disappointing to find out that a show that you invested time and emotion into all took place in a snow globe. That’s a pretty lazy cop-out for the show’s writers.

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2. Roseanne

Roseanne decided to go the St. Elsewhere route and have a cop-out of it’s own for its series finale. It turned out that the bizarre final season was just a book written by Roseanne. But, the most disappointing thing about the finale was that Dan was dead. Seriously. She killed off John Goodman.

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1. The Sopranos

We all know that this has become one of the most controversial series finales ever in television. To be fair, I don’t think it’s terrible. It’s actually kind of clever and original. But in reality, this series finale didn’t conclude anything about the show or it’s characters. I get it—that was the point—but it was a huge disappointment to never know what happened to Tony and his family. Especially after spending every Sunday night with them from 1999 to 2007.

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