GM Global Design Changes Its Organizational Structure

Source: General Motors World Headquarters in Detroit/ Wikipedia

General Motors announced last Monday that its Global Design’s organizational structure and executive appointments underwent a revamp. The revision is set to closely align with the company’s ten design centers worldwide. Ed Welburn, GM vice president for Global Design said:

This new structure provides a foundation to build and grow the design language for each of our brands moving forward. It gives our design teams a greater opportunity to create products and brands that have an emotional connection with our customers and that continue to move our company forward.

Advantages of a Restructured Global Design Department

As revealed in the car manufacturer’s press release, this brand-focused design organization is meant to reap the following benefits:

  • Drive stronger and more unified messaging across the brand’s portfolio.
  • Allow designers to better understand and design for customers by living the brand on a day-to-day basis.
  • Provide for greater parts sharing across brands.
  • Forster more creativity and provide a clear, single purpose for each design team member.

The revised structure of GM’s Global Design also increases the role of the Advanced Design Centers that are strategically located in the United States, Australia, China, Germany, and Korea. Welburn added:

Strengthening our Advanced Design organization will allow us to help the company develop innovative new technologies and strategies to meet the future transportation needs of the global marketplace. One thing is clear: success will require a variety of mobility solutions that are striking both in their execution and their efficiency.

Executive Changes Expected

The new executive appointments will be effective August 1.

Bryan Nesbitt

Vice President of GMIO Design and Brand Champion for Wulling and Baojun
Will continue to work with GMIO president Tim Lee.

Carlos Barba

Executive Director of GM South America Design
Will continue to work at GM Design in Brazil.

Clay Dean

Director of North American Advanced Design and Cadillac Brand Champion
New Director of Global Advanced Design

David Lyon

Executive Director of North American Interiors/Global Cross-Brand Design and Buick/GMC Brand Champion
New Vice President of GME Design for Opel/Vauxhall Brand

Ken Parkinson

Executive director of North American Exterior Design/Global Architecture Strategy and Chevrolet Brand Champion
New Executive Director of Global Chevrolet and GMC Design

Mark Adams
Vice President of GM Europe Design and Brand Champion for Opel/Vauxhall
New Executive Director of Global Cadillac and Buick Design

Mike Simcoe
Executive Director of GMIO Design and Brand Champion for Holden
Will continue to develop and grow the company’s operations in Korea and Australia

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