Windows Phone 8 Coming with e-wallet Support

Source: Windows Phone 8 Start Screen/ Windows Team Blog

Last Wednesday, Microsoft revealed its Windows Phone 8, which is set to arrive at stores this fall with the Surface tablet and Windows 8 for PCs. It is said to feature high-definition screen and e-wallet support with Near Field Communications chips.

Introducing the Windows Phone 8

Microsoft took the wraps off its Windows Phone 8 yesterday, during their Windows Phone Developer Summit. According to the company, the upcoming handset will feature multi-core CPUs and high-definition screen resolutions. It will also borrow much of its code base from Windows 8, enabling developers to create apps that can run on PC, tablets and mobile phones.

It also features the Internet Explorer 10. According to Microsoft, the web browser has four times faster JavaScript performance and twice the HTML 5 support. Other than that, the mobile operating system will support NFC chips with native wallet application that can store credit card, debit card, and loyalty and membership cards. The best thing about this feature is that it can scan NFC-enabled advertisements or business cards.

Microsoft is also enhancing Windows Phone 8’s speech support. Third-party developers can use its speech recognition functionality to search, play or pause mobile content.

Windows Phone 8 for Enterprise Users and Developers

Other than regular users, Microsoft is also focusing on Enterprise users. Windows Phone 8 for business offers encryption, secure boot and IT device management. The mobile OS has a built-it turn-by-turn navigation functionality using Nokia’s map technology.

As for developers, they are allowed to provide in-app purchase. This means that upgrades and other content can be purchased by users using an integrated tool part of the Windows Phone 8 OS.

Devices running on Windows Phone 7.5 won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8, although some of its features like the updated Start screen will be available on the Windows Phone 7.8 update.

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Phone 8 comes a few days after they’ve announced the Windows 8-equipped Surface tablet last Sunday. The said device marks the company’s entrance to the tablet market, and it is expected to compete against Apple’s new iPad. It will also be available this fall and comes in two variants: Surface tablet for Windows 8 Pro and Surface tablet for Windows RT.


Whether Microsoft’s strategy to release its Windows Phone 8 this fall, in line with Apple’s rumored next-generation iPhone announcement, is a good move or not remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the release of their devices is in time for the holidays and it will give consumers a wide array of options.

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