Top 10 Party Schools of the Last Decade

Out of all the decisions that you make during the course of your life there probably aren’t any as important as choosing the right college.

College, after all, is the place where you earn that degree to establish a career. And, you’ll probably end up meeting some new lifetime friends. But, it’s also the place where you learn how to party.

If you’re stuck on which school to attend, or just curious, then maybe knowing the top party schools in the country will help finalize that important decision.

Thankfully, Best Colleges Online has made up an info-graphic of the Top 10 Party Schools of the Last Decade. The graph was composed by using the following factors:

– Size of the Greek system
– Level of pot smoking
– Level of beer drinking
– Level of hard liquor drinking
– Placement in annual party school rankings
– Success of their sports teams (a great reason to party)

Without further ado, here are the top 10 party schools of the last decade.

Top Party Schools
Source: Best Colleges Online

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