Apple Stores: Planning a Store-wide Meeting Next Week

Source: Apple Store in Valencia, California/ Apple

There were rumors that Apple retail teams across the US are planning an all-hands meeting next week. In fact, there were claims that the meeting will take place on June 24. Although there are retailers who are planning to hold their meeting this Sunday, there were also stores that are considering rescheduling the meeting due to local events that are set to take place on the said date.

In relation to this, one source close to the upcoming event revealed that the Apple store in Boston is planning to rent a local theater for their meeting. It will take place from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST, and will require more space for over 200 employees. The source also added that their corporate meeting requires “a presentation utilizing a projector, audio for the presenter and also computer hookup/audio.”

However, it is unlikely that the meeting would include live video feeds from the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California. That’s because one off-site event do not require an Internet connection, and other locations are planning to hold their meeting at different times.

What remains unclear is the reason behind the meeting. It is also note-worthy that next week’s event doesn’t have the same level of secrecy compared to the company’s other events when introducing a new product or service. Additionally, it is also unclear if all Apple retail stores are required to hold the same type of gathering.

Meet the New Apple Retail Chief

Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore noted in an email sent to AppleInsider that an off-site all-hands meeting is “not common” for Apple retail teams. However, he speculates that the event is meant to introduce the retail employees to John Browett, the company’s new head of retail.

Prior to this, Browett served as the CEO at European retailer Dixon’s. It was only last April when he assumed his position in Apple. A new filing with the US Securities Exchange Commission also revealed that Browett received 100,000 reserved stock units, which is worth $61 million.

He took over Ron Johnson, the company’s long-time retail chief and was also instrumental with the formation of Apple retail business almost 11 years ago. Johnson left the company last November to become JC Penney’s new CEO.

Last month, Apple Retail held a series of an all-hands meeting as part of its brick-and-mortar Apple Stores’ tenth anniversary. The company introduced their new Retail 2.0 concept, which added stationary iPad units as store displays.

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