Annoying Facebook Features that You Need to Know

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Closing to 1 billion users, Facebook’s popularity is no longer a surprise. Although it provides great way to connect and socialize with friends and family, PC World also listed some of its most annoying features.

App Block

Whenever you like to read news from a third-party websites straight from Facebook, you might have a hard time because the social network blocks some of them. Annoying right? The best thing that you can do about it is go straight to the website where that content is situated.

Friends of Friends Update

You might be surprised at time when you saw a post from someone you don’t know. As it turns out, that anonymous user is on your extended friend network. Whether you care about it or not, it’s kind of annoying that you see posts from someone you don’t know right? Moreover, wouldn’t it be creepy that other people can see your updates, especially when some of your friends interact with it?

Game Invites

You’ll see that you have a lot of notification, but it turns out that all of them are just game invites. Worse, you are invited to play games that don’t pique your interest. It will always be the same every time you open your account. Instead of ignoring it, you can block all invites from that particular game straight from the game request.

Game Updates

It’s nice to know what games or apps that your Facebook friends are playing. However, it’s not all the time that you care about all of those. But you are forced to mind them most of the time because Facebook continuously gives you a game update.

Hidden Messages

You might not be aware of this, but Facebook usually hides some of your messages. It’s not intentional though. It’s just that the social network’s spam filters behave too aggressively.

Seamless Social

Apps such as Spotify and sites such as Yahoo News let you share your activity straight to your Facebook. Although you wouldn’t mind sharing what you’ve read on Yahoo News, your friends will. On some cases, you will also get tired seeing your profile posting nothing but updates from third-party websites.

Third-party Social Videos

So you watched this wholesome video from third-party social video sites like Socialcam or Viddy. After watching the clip, you just noticed that the social video site posted a lewd flick, saying that you recently watched it. You’re now pissed off because your Facebook friends might think that you are a perv even if you’re not.


Some of this features have their work around. But to be sure, don’t click on anything you see on Facebook immediately, especially if you don’t know what it is.

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