ACER Announces Windows 8-compatible Timeline Ultra M5

Source: ACER Timeline Ultra M5/ ACER

Earlier this week, ACER announces its new Timeline Ultra M5 Ultrabook that costs at least $679.99. The super slim notebook can be upgraded to Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro for only $14.99.

Features and Specs

ACER’s new Timeline Ultra M5 is just 20.54 millimeters thick, weighs at least 1.95 kilograms, and comes with a 14 and 15.6-inch variants. Two Timeline laptops are priced at $779.99 and features Intel Ivy Bridge processor. On the other hand, a $679.99 unit boasts the older and slower Intel Sandy Bridge processor.

The laptop’s sample configuration, Timeline Ultra M5-481TG-6814 is priced at $779.99 and sports a 14-inch screen. It has Intel Core i5 3317U processor that runs at 2.6 GHz and NVIDIA GeForce GT640M LE graphics card. Meanwhile, there’s also the M5-581TG-6666, which boasts 15.6-inch screen and a similar processor. All of this costs $829.99. There’s also the $679.99 M5-481T-6670 with Sandy Bridge processor and Intel integrated graphics.

All ACER Timeline Ultra M5 notebooks have 1.3-megapixel webcam, two USB 3.0 drives, and up to 500 GB hard drive. The Ultrabooks also have an anti-theft feature, which disables the device when stolen or lost and enable when found. It has eight hours of battery life, and it will be available in the United States by the end of the month.

The super slim notebooks have built-in Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. However, users can upgrade their devices to Windows 8 Pro. All they have to do is purchase it on Microsoft’s official website. The offer will be available until January 31 next year.

Meet the Microsoft 8-equipped Surface Tablet

As of the moment, the Surface tablet is the latest Windows 8-equipped device that was announced to hit the market soon. Other than the new operating system, it features a VaporMg enclosure, built-in stand, dual MIMO arrays, and Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2.

It will come in two models: The Surface for Windows 8 Pro and Surface for Windows RT. The Surface for Windows 8 Pro weighs 1.9 lbs and is 13.5 mm thick, runs on Ivy Bridge i5 processor, has 1920 x 1080-pixels ClearType full HD display, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, and microSDXC card reader.

The Surface for Windows RT, on the other hand, weighs 1.5 lbs and is 9.8 mm thick, has 1280 x 720-pixels screen, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, and microSD slot. It also has a “perimeter venting” that handles heat coming from the Intel chip.

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