Apple Releases Hardware Discount Program for Employees

Source: Apple Retail Store in Maine Mall, South Portland, Maine/ Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced last January that the company will launch a hardware discount program for employees this month. Other than Mac mini, workers can get a Mac on $500 less and iPad with $250 price cut.

Hardware Discount Program for Employees

After the program went live last Thursday, it was reported that the discount will be available to Apple employees who have worked for at least 90 days. It can be used once every three years, and can be stacked upon existing 25% employee discounts on hardware.

However, the discount program is not applicable for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. But this is typical for new Apple products, especially with supplies that remain tight for consumers. This means that workers who want to get their hand on the next-generation MacBook Pro will have to wait for a while before the company puts it on the employee purchasing portal.

The enhanced employee hardware discount program came after Apple retail staff started having salary increase. Workers get as much as 25% salary increase depending on market and performance, which will take effect on mid-July.

Salary Increase for Apple Retail Staff

It was reported by Business Insider last week, although they backpedaled afterwards, claiming that sources from Apple retail stores said that they heard nothing of the sort. However, Dow Jones Newswire also made the same report, pointing out that the company is raising their staffs’ salary to at least “a quarter of the wages.”

Employees began learning of the raises in face-to-face meetings with managers last week, according to three Apple employees in various regions across the US. The raises, which are based on performance, will begin appearing in paychecks around the middle of July, two of these people said….

The overwhelming staff complaint during an internal review was wage levels, one employee said. Higher-level retail staff, such as its “Genius” tech support teams and “Creative” educational teams, were among the most frustrated, this person said. At one store, another employee noted, a nearby competing Microsoft Corp. retail shop had begun poaching employees by offering promotions and higher wages.

Previously, Apple sales staffs receive between $9 and $15 per hour, while Geniuses get an hourly wage of $30.

Although it is vague how the company will distribute the salary increase across its employees, it is clear that the iPad and iPhone maker is making significant effort to raise wages of the retail store employees. In turn, this will help them retain staff and increase customer satisfaction.

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