No Retina Display on Apple’s 2012 iMac

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Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper, is said to receive word last Friday that Apple won’t be releasing a new iMac model with Retina Display this year. Instead, the all-in-one desktop equipped with high-definition screen will land on store shelves in 2013.

No iMac with Retina Display Yet

Multiple sources contact Arment through his blog, saying that Apple will debut an iMac refresh later this year. However, the Apple desktop will miss the Retina Display that is featured on the next-generation MacBook Pro. This is contrary to previous rumors that the company will announce a new iMac with Retina Display sometime this fall.

As AMOG reported last May, Joanna Stern of ABC News added the all-in-one desktop in the mix of rumors with regards to Apple devices that will have the Retina Display. Other than that, the iMac is also believed to feature anti-reflective glass, and it will be slimmer than the current model offered by the Cupertino-based company.

Prior to this, the Instapaper developer posited Apple that it would release a new desktop model that runs on Intel Ivy Bridge processor and features a high-definition screen. Arment speculated that the company would be able to gather enough large Retina Display patterns to complement relatively lower demand on iMacs.

The iMac maker is also believed to offset the new technology’s price with the machine’s already high margins. Although the cost of a 21.5 and 27-inch high-dpi panel is unknown, Apple is rumored to be paying at least $150 for a panel found on 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility that Apple will release an iMac with high-definition screen after the refresh.

Moving Forward with High-definition Screen

Arment also shared his thoughts on why Apple didn’t announce a new desktop model at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, even though they have the necessary CPU and graphic enhancements.

My core theory: Apple believes that Retina Displays are the only way to go from this point forward, and they’re waiting to update each family until it can be Retina-equipped.

He further said that MacBook Pro was the only laptop that got a Retina Display because the existing models, together with the MacBook Air, can’t support high-pixel density screens without increasing the price of in demand units. The high-resolution panels that Apple is using are in short supply, and these are not enough to go around other than a single high-end Mac model.

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