The 10 Best Men’s Colognes

Mens Cologne

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If you didn’t know, cologne, in some form, has been around for a long time. We’re talking since-ancient-Egyptian-times long.

Colognes, fragrances, scents, or whatever you want to call them have come a long way since their beginnings as part of religious ceremonies. Today, they’re big business for a number of companies. Plus, they have the ability to put men in a better mood, and most importantly, attract the attention of women. But, with so many scents on the market, which ones should a man invest in?

Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are the 10 best men’s colognes.

212 Men

212 Men by Carolina Herrera can be described as a woody, floral musk fragrance for men. This well reviewed scent contains top notes of spices, petitgrain, lavender, green notes, grapefruit, and bergamot. The middle notes are ginger, green pepper, gardenia, violet, and sage. Finally, base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood, vetiver, and incense.

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Acqua Di Gio

Sure, every guy on the planet has probably owned a bottle of this arguably overpriced Armani cologne. However, this has been a safe go-to scent since its launch in 1996. The fresh citrus and fruity scents are teamed with strong musky and woody elements, which may not stand out in a crowd, but they probably won’t scare anyone away either.

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Acqua Di Parma Colonia

Despite being around for some 90 years, Acqua di Parma Colonia has managed to remain “modern.” It contains Sicilian citrus, lavender, rosemary, verbena, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, and ylang-ylang and is by no means a “lightweight-citrus fragrance.

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Cool Water for Men

This scent by Davidoff has been one of the most popular colognes around since 1988, thanks to its timelessness and dependability. The top notes are: marine notes, mint, green notes, and coriander, while the middle notes are: neroli and geranium.  The fragrance finishes up with the base notes of cedarwood, oakmoss, and musk.

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This Liz Claiborne fragrance has been a standard since its introduction in 1996. It mixes the scents of fresh greens, warm wind and pepper, and finishes with tones of mahogany and water.

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Drakkar Noir

The L’Oreal Group has been manufacturing this men’s fragrance, heavily referenced in pop culture, since 1982. Created by Guy Laroche, the top notes of the fragrance are rosemary, artemisia, lavender, basil, lemon verbena, bergamot, and lemon; the middle notes are coriander, carnation, cinnamon, juniper, and jasmine; the base notes are leather, sandalwood, fir, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and cedar.

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Calvin Klein has been selling its trademark scent since 1989. This popular scent has been classified as a refreshing and spicy, and it contains notes of lavender, amber, a blend of greens, crisp jasmine, sage, basil, and rosewood.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

How can one scent be both masculine and gentle, while at the same time being warm, comfortable, and modern? We’re not exactly sure, but Le Male has been accomplishing that since 1995. The composing top notes are mint, lavender, and bergamot. Meanwhile, the heart contains cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom. The base is made up of vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedarwood.

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The One

Dolce & Gabbana introduced this fragrance in 2008 and it has quickly become a favorite. The notes are coriander, grapefruit, cardamom seed, tobacco, basil, cedar, amber, ginger, and orange blossom.

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Versace Pour Homme Cologne

Men have been enjoying this Versace product because it simply adds a modern and exciting twist to a classic manly aroma. The top notes contain citrus, neroli, bergamot, and petit grain; the middle notes are hyacinth, clary sage, cedar, and geranium. Finally, the base notes are tonka bean, musk, and amber.

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