Automatic Security Updates, Coming to OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion

Source: OS X Mountain Lion/ Apple

It was reported yesterday that Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion will have an automatic security update. This will make sure that users will have the most updated software protection, especially now that there is a growing number of Mac-targeted malware.

Automatic Security Updates on OS X 10.8

The latest OS X 10.8 developer preview shows a new automated system, called “OS X Security Update Test 1.0”, which runs daily check with Apple servers. This is to make sure that the operating system has the latest security patches and protection against malware and viruses.

It will either run on a daily basis or when a Mac restarts. The feature can download and install updates, making manual checking unnecessary. It also creates a “more secure connection” to Apple servers, hinting to new encryption technology or a more strict default settings.

OS X 10.8 Developer Preview 4

Prior to this, Apple released the fourth developer preview of their new Mac operating system last week. Although the fixes that are included in the beta are unknown, it looks like the company is making the final tweaks for the Mountain Lion.

The previous beta were said to have known issues. This includes entering a Wi-Fi password, which occurs when an incorrect log in window is displayed every time FileVault is enabled. The Game Center, AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards are also said to have issues. Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is said to arrive next month.

Prioritizing Security

Now that the company is attracting more users, they are prioritizing security for the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to counter new threats that attack Macs. It should be recalled that a Flashback Trojan used a Java exploit to infect an estimated 600,000 notebooks around the world. It prompted Apple to release a Java disabler for Safari and a standalone malware uninstaller.

Because of the recent security issues that spread on its known devices, Apple toned down the content if its OS X webpage. Instead of saying that the Mac “doesn’t get PC viruses”, they changed it to “it’s built to be safe”. Other than that, the latest developer preview of Mountain Lion brings in the standard stability and general updates.

Just a week after the Developer Preview 4 of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was released, the new Security Update is now available through the Mac App Store. It also comes at a hefty 1.15 GB.

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