Mysterious PlayStation Posters Appear on Tokyo Trains

Mysterious PlayStations

Source: PlayStation Vita/ Sony

It looks like Sony Computer Entertainment is up to something, as mysterious PlayStation ads started appearing along Tokyo’s Yamanote train line yesterday. The posters feature Shigeru Matsuzaki and a tiny PlayStation logo. Matsuzaki is known for his theatrical films, voice work, and performances in various Katamari games.

In a statement released by Sony to the Japanese press, the company will be running the poster ads in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shimbashi, Tokyo, and Shinagawa stations until the 27th. They also promised that all mysteries will be revealed on the 28th.  There were speculations that this revelation may have something to do with the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita Crystal White

For those who don’t know, June 28 will be a big day for PlayStation Vita. That’s because Sony will be releasing its first color variation, Crystal White. Tech and gadget website Engadget reported last May that Sony will release a white version of the game console on June 28, and it will cost around $375; a Wi-Fi-enabled PS Vita will also hit the stores on the same day for only $312.

If lack of color is not appealing for gamers, a limited edition Hatsune Miku PlayStation Vita will be available two months after the devices initial release date. For an additional $125, players will be able to plaster Sega’s digital diva at the rear panel of the Vita. It will also be packed with 4GB memory card, as well as a copy of Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva.

Unfortunately, these PlayStation Vita variants will only be available in Japan. Whether it will arrive in the western world remains to be seen.

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition on PS Vita

Aside from the Crystal White PlayStation Vita, it was also reported that Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be available for the console on July 5. The game is known for its competing stealth gameplay, amusing language laced with pop culture references, ingeniously cut scenes and excellent characters. For only $59.95, gamers can have the Metal Gear Solid HD’s deluxe versions that are available for PS 2 on their Vita.


At the moment, no one can really tell what’s in store for the fans of Sony Computer Entertainment. The inclusion of talented Shigeru Matsuzaki also added to the mystery. But whether it has something to do with the Crystal White version of PlayStation Vita remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the posters appearing on selected train lines in Japan shows that Sony is cooking something, and players will have  taste of it on the 28th.

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