Epic Games Unveils Unreal Engine 4

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For many years, Unreal Engine and Unreal Development Kits have been known in the gaming community. In fact, game developer Epic Games took the wraps off its latest project—Unreal Engine 4—during the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this month. It is expected to revolutionize the way players look at games by revamping its lighting system, as well as adding a new particle effects system.

Revamped Lighting System and Unreal Development Kit

Unreal Engine 4’s light system has extremely realistic shadow and reflection effects.  It is considered a ground breaking technology that will open up the possibility for photorealism in games.

Aspiring game developers can create games easily with the help of Unreal Development Kit. The UDK makes the lighting system that Epic Games created accessible to all developers, allowing them to make dynamic lighting systems much more quickly. It also enables them to focus on more important parts of their games.

Unreal Kismet

Epic Games also released the Unreal Kismet, which will let users create their own games, even without a programmer’s assistance. Artists and designers can bring their visions to life directly without programmers’ assistance via the new Unreal Kismet. This offers programmers the freedom to focus on core gameplay feature and sophisticated systems. With significant new visual features, Unreal Engine 4 enables you to achieve high-end visuals, but also allows you to create games for low-spec PCs.

Additional Tools

Other than the revamped lighting system, UDK, and Unreal Kismet, Epic Game’s latest game engine features the following:

Code View: 

Enables user to browse C++ functions straight from the game characters to see the source code in Visual Studios and make necessary changes.

Hot Reload:

Allows user to make updates straight from the game without pausing it.

Immersive View:

View the game in full-screen within the editing environment.

Instant Game Preview:

After an update, a game dev can immediately spawn a character and play anywhere in the game without waiting for files to be saved.

Live Kismet Debugging:

Lets game devs interactively visualize the gameplay’s code while testing the game.

Possess/Eject Features:

Eject a character from the game and play in editor mode to see which objects are misbehaving.

Simulate Mode:

Debug and update game behaviors quickly as they happen.

With the new Unreal Engine 4, one doesn’t need a studio to make an Epic Game. The game developer expects that its new game engine will redefine how “homebrew” games look and feel.

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