Yelp Check-Ins to Be Available on iOS 6

Source: Maps Application on iOS 6/ Apple

In a report posted by Bloomberg yesterday, materials distributed to Apple software developers indicate that the company’s new Maps application for iOS 6 will support Yelp check-ins. However, the company’s spokeswoman, Trudy Muller, declined comment, as did Yelp’s spokesman Vince Sollito.

The integration of the Maps app and Yelp means that users can now post information on the location-based social service without leaving the iOS app.

Yelp Check-In Functionality on Maps App

When Apple announced the Maps app earlier this month, they revealed that integrated support for Yelp would be part of the software. However, they discussed details about the social service’s user reviews, and not its other features like check-ins. Using a device’s built-in GPS, users can share their current location with their approved friends.

Yelp is a website that allows users to review various types of businesses. It introduced the check-in functionality for mobile phones in 2010 to help local brands to build loyalty with regular customers. The Apple integration could help the social service to gain user popularity over Foursquare and Facebook.

As Raymond James & Associates analyst Aaron Kessler stated:

Apple is important for Yelp. About 40 percent of traffic to Yelp is from their mobile app. That number may be higher if you include browser-based mobile.

Due to this comment, there were speculations that the integration of Yelp’s check-in functionality on Apple Maps could challenge similar location-based services. Yelp is boosting its efforts to attract local advertising, which made up to 70 percent of its revenue last year. The social service rose by 1.4 percent on the NYSE, although its Russell 2000 Technology Index declined to 2.3 percent.

Apple iOS 6’s Maps Application

Previously, it was reported that Apple ditched Google Maps and made its own map application. The company has featured the search engine giant’s map app since 2007, when the earliest version of Apple devices went on sale. The Maps app on iOS 6 is considered to be company’s biggest change that it will make to its upcoming mobile operating system. The application was created from scratch, and it includes turn-by-turn navigation and crowd-sourced traffic data.

Other than that, Maps includes 3-D mapping technology called Flyover, which recreates cities and buildings in an interactive and three-dimensional layout. It also includes Siri integration that offers estimated arrival times and enables users to ask for directions.

Apple’s iOS 6 is expected to arrive on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad this fall.

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