New Zynga Games and “With Friends” Social Network Revealed

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During their Zynga Unleashed event yesterday, the social game developer announced almost half a dozen of new games and its unified social network—Zynga With Friends. As CEO Mark Pincus said at the beginning of the event:

We founded Zynga with the simple premise that people could put play back in their lives. We have a lot further to spill to go accomplish our mission of connecting the world through games.

Zynga With Friends Social Network

Zynga announced its new social network during the event, saying that it is designed to let players build a profile and connect with other players regardless of the platform or device. It allows them to show all of their gaming activities, send messages to friends, see what others are playing, and meet new people based on gaming interests.

The good thing about this social network is that it can work no matter what platform a player use. It doesn’t matter if a gamer is playing on his iPhone or on Facebook. It would also enable them to connect with other players no matter what device they are using.

However, this is not a social media that was created from the ground. It taps into a user base that already has 290 million users. It also features currently available zFriends and’s Social Stream. On the other hand, it boasts new features such as chat that allows group chats, profile, and synchronized multi-player game mode.

Scheduled to be available in the near future, it is unclear how Zynga With Friends would affect the game developer’s relationship with Facebook. Regardless, it will be available on the social media giant,, and on mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

A Sneak Peek on New Zynga Games

Other than the Zynga With Friends, the company took the wraps off a list of new games during their Zynga Unleashed event last Tuesday.

Matching With Friends:

Now available on the App Store, this game allows users to play against each other in a battle of matching color blocks for more points.

Zynga Elite Slots:

This new Zynga Casino game features various themes such as science fiction, Wild West, vampires and pets. It also let players chat and interact with their friends while on the game.

The Ville:

Its concept is similar with The Sims, although it will enable gamers to interact with each other using real-life user avatar.


This new Zynga game lets players design their own kitchen, as well as email other users about the recipes and dishes that they were able to complete.

FarmVille 2:

Nothing much is said about FarmVille 2, although gamers should expect a revamped version of its predecessor with new features and game capabilities.

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