Customizable App Icon Layout on Apple TV, Made Possible with iOS 6 Beta

Source: Apple TV/ Apple

Apple’s latest iOS 6 beta for the Apple TV enables users to customize and reorder the layout of its application icons. This functionality is the same with the long press used to move icons on iPhone and iPad.

Moving Icons and Customizing Layout on Apple TV

As demonstrated in a video posted by Brazilian Apple news site MacMagazine, users will choose an icon and hold down the select button on the Apple remote. The icon will start to wiggle, and it can be dragged to a custom location on the TV screen.

However, only one icon can be moved at a time because the device still lacks touch interface. There were also no sign that users can hide or delete unused icons on Apple TV.

Current public builds of Apple TV operating system will just put the device to sleep whenever the select button is held down. Its icons are also displayed in a static grid and cannot be moved. On the other hand, it is unclear whether this functionality will be discontinued or reassigned to a different remote shortcut.

On other iOS devices, touching any icon for several seconds would make all icons wiggle. Thus, multiple icons can be moved or deleted.

The Redesigned Apple TV User Interface

Earlier this year, the redesigned Apple TV user interface made its debut with a 1080-pixel-equipped model. In relation to this, Apple executive Eddy Cue pointed out that the update is a simplified design to make it easier for users to access various features on their device.

The grid-like layout of its application icons brought the Apple TV closer to its iPhone and iPad kin. Thus, the rumored addition of a customizable icon grid could be the company’s step in making their set-top box closer to receiving its own App Store. This could bring in downloadable third-party software that is designed for high-definition TVs.

More About iOS 6 Beta 2

Apple rolled out the second beta of its next mobile operating system for the Apple TV to developers last Monday. Together with it is the iOS 6 beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The company issued the mobile OS’ second beta for developer testing, including a pair of fixes with regards to its touchscreen keyboard performance.

The release notes that come with the update allegedly indicates that Apple fixed an issue where the clicking sounds could be skipped during fast typing. It also addressed the issue wherein the keyboard is wrongly positioned when switching from landscape to portrait mode.

Apple’s iOS 6 was formally announced earlier this month during their Worldwide Developers Conference event. The company is expected to release its software this fall.

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