Google Chrome Comes to iPhone and iPad

Source: Chrome for iOS/ iTunes

Google’s popular Chrome browser has finally came to Apple’s iOS App Store last Thursday. Other than being a web browser, Chrome also features cross-platform syncing and connectivity with Google services.

How Chrome for iOS Works

When launched for the first time, users are asked to enter their Google account email address and password. This would allow the browser to synchronize the user’s personalized desktop or cross-platform Chrome settings. With just a single click, the browser syncs open tabs, bookmarks, passwords and omnibox data from desktop or other devices to iOS hardware. However, users can skip this step.

Inside Chrome for iOS

Since Google is a search engine giant, it is not surprising that it is the priority of Chrome for iOS. Just like its desktop version, the iOS application uses the same box in navigating a website or to search Google.

Chrome for iOS features a custom keyboard, which adds frequently used characters when typing or searching a URL. There are also a row of punctuation and .com keys above the virtual keyboard.

Voice search is also possible because of a dedicated microphone button that can be found at the far right. Just tap the microphone, and it will instantly put the iPad into listening mode. The good thing about this application is that voice search works quickly and accurately.

It also has readily available drop-down menu to create new tab, incognito tab, bookmarks, email, settings, help and more. The incognito mode lets users browse the web without saving their history. There is also the “Other Devices” option, which enables users to view tabs that are open in Chrome on other devices.

But compared to Apple Safari, Google Chrome lets users to open unlimited number of tabs. It can be flipped through or fanned like a deck of cards on iPhone or iPod Touch, while iPad users can swipe browser tabs from edge to edge.


Google Chrome is a welcome addition for iOS, although the Apple software needs to be updated. That’s because an update mobile operating system allows the users to change their default browser. As of the moment, opening a URL in another application like Mail will automatically launch in Safari.

The web browser is now available via download in the App Store, and comes at 12.8 megabyte. Chrome for iOS is a universal application that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that runs on iOS 4.3 or later.

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