Sprint 4G LTE is Coming to Five Cities


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US mobile carrier Sprint announced this week that their 4G LTE markets will go live in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City and San Antonio on July 15. The announcement was made by CEO Dan Hesse, adding that more market launches will be announced this year.

An All-new 3G and 4G Sprint Network

Sprint stated that they are building an all-new, nationwide 3G and 4G LTE network to meet the growing voice and data demands of their customers. As Hesse pointed out:

While other carriers are simply rolling out their version of a 4G LTE network, we are rolling out an all-new network that will also significantly improve the 3G and voice experience over time—at a no extra charge for the customer.

What to Expect from Sprint

An all-new 3G and 4G network from Sprint would enable users to check the Web or share content on their smartphones quickly. A faster data connection, coupled with a truly unlimited data plan for mobile devices makes them an ideal carrier.

They are also providing enhancements for their 3G service, giving better signal strength for their subscribers. This simply translates to less dropped/blocked calls, faster data speeds, expanded coverage and better overall performance. As Hesse added:

The performance of both 4G LTE and improved 3G networks are exceeding our expectations and we are pleased with the progress of the entire Network Vision Program.

The arrival of Sprint’s 4G LTE market to five cities is just right on schedule, as the carrier is expected to cover 250 million US people with its high-speed and enhanced 3G networks by the end of 2013.

Providing Customer Satisfaction

It’s apparent that Sprint is keeping up with AT&T when it comes to lighting 4G LTE torches across the country. However, getting ahead of their competitors is not their only reason. In a press release posted by Sprint, they said that they are working hard to deliver the best customer experience.

Over the past several years, Sprint has been working hard to deliver the best customer experience. Recently, the American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Sprint No. 1 among all nation carriers and most improved in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, over the last four years. Building an all-new network is the linchpin to make Sprint the company customers want to do business with.

In fact, the networks launching of their 4G LTE network to five metropolitan areas show the network carrier’s commitment on its Network Vision Program.

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