Apple Triumphs Against Samsung Nexus Phone Injunction

Source: Galaxy Nexus Phone/ Google

Reuter’s Dan Levine reported last Friday that California judge Lucy Koh granted Apple an injunction against Samsung Galaxy Phone. The ruling came after the same decision was given to block sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. In relation to this, the Cupertino-based company’s preliminary injunction against the Galaxy phone was also granted after they post a bond that’s worth almost $96 million.

Apple’s Strongest Case Yet

Judge Koh cited the US Patent No. 8,086,604 in handing down her ruling. The patent deals with Siri voice commands and unified search functionality that Apple first levied against Google and Samsung’s flagship smartphone last February.

It was considered as the company’s strongest case yet against its rival smartphone maker. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky stated in a note to investors: “The smartphone patent war is now at its highest intensity. While Apple’s litigation to date has failed to produce any significant wins, Apple is now bringing in the strongest patents into the war.”

The California judge also added that the company articulated a possible harm due to “long-term loss of market share and losses of downstream sales.”

Apple first filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy Nexus last February on the back of four US patents:

US Patent No. 5,946,647:

A “system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data” which Apple validated in the US International Trade Commission against HTC.

US Patent No. 8,074,172:

For the “predictive text” feature.

US Patent No. 8,046,721:

For the “slide to unlock” function that is found on iOS devices.

US Patent No. 8,086,604:

The “universal interface for retrieval information in a computer system”, which served as the basis for last Friday’s ruling.

Once Apple posts the necessary bond to cover damages in case the injunction was found unjust, the sales ban will immediately go into effect. In relation to this, the company’s spokesperson Kristin Huguet reiterated the iPhone maker’s previous stance about Samsung’s alleged duplicating of iPhone and iPad’s “look and feel.” The South Korean phone manufacturer, on the other hand, didn’t release a statement.


The Galaxy Nexus is Google’s flagship Android smartphone that was created in partnership with Samsung. Although it is supplanted by more advanced offerings like the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Nexus remains integral for the search engine giant’s Android ecosystem. It is part of Google’s product line that was created in collaboration with major hardware manufacturers.

Google’s Nexus line was recently expanded with the addition of Nexus Q media streamer and the ASUS-made Nexus 7 tablet.

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