Apple Shuts Down MobileMe

Source: MobileMe Website/ Apple

Apple keep its word and closed down MobileMe last Sunday. However, they are allowing users to move their files to iCloud for a limited time. A closed sign appeared on MobileMe’s website, and it now contains links for account migration to iCloud, downloading photos from Gallery and files from iDisk.

From MobileMe to iCloud

Las month, the company warned its MobileMe users about the service’s impending shutdown last June 30. They encouraged the remaining customers to switch to iCloud by extending free storage update and free copies of OS X Snow Leopard.

Apple also informed their users through a new FAQ page that those who already purchased 20 GB storage from MobileMe will receive the same storage amount in iCloud until September 30 of this year. As posted on the website:

MobileMe members with 20 GB of purchased storage receive a complimentary iCloud Storage upgrade of 20 GB, and accounts with additional purchased storage (40 GB to 60 GB) receive a complimentary upgrade of 50 GB after moving to iCloud. These free upgrades are good through September 30th, 2012.

After the said date, former MobileMe users can either pay to keep the storage amount or downgrade to free 5 GB plan. Additionally, there were reports that users of OS X Leopard received free copies of Snow Leopard. This would enable them to install the Mac App Store and pay to upgrade to OS X Lion, which is required for some of iCloud’s features.

The Birth of iCloud

Apple announced iCloud during their annual Worldwide Developers Conference last month in San Francisco, California. Prior to this, late CEO Steve Jobs already introduced the service, saying that MobileMe was not the company’s “finest hours.”He also promised that the iCloud will be different from its predecessor because “it all just works.”

However, former MobileMe users have trouble making the transition to iCloud, as a small number of users experienced service disruption to their iCloud mail accounts. Nevertheless, the company believes that iCloud is here to stay. In fact, CEO Tim Cook said last February that iCloud will be the center of Apple’s strategy “for the next decade or more.”

It will incorporate many of the features offered by MobileMe, although it was officially stated that Gallery, iDisk and iWeb will get the ax. They also announced that the online storage service will include the Notes and Reminders syncing feature later this year. The iCloud will also have a tighter integration with OS X Mountain Lion.

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