New Kindle Fire and E-ink Reader, in the Works?

Source: Amazon Kindle Fire/ Amazon

It seems that the Google Nexus 7 was not able to take the spotlight from Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Just after the recent Google I/O event and the announcement of the new Android tablet, rumors have emerged that a new Kindle Fire and E-ink reader variety will be announced by the end of this month.

Next-generation Amazon Tablet Rumors

In relation to this, CNet reported that pricing for the device will remain, while its performance will have a boost. For $199, the online retailer’s upcoming 7-inch tablet is said to boast 1280 x 800-pixel display. There were also speculations that Amazon would reduce the price of its current Kindle Fire model to as low as $149. On the other hand, its new E-ink reader will have integrated lighting, and it is expected to be available alongside the next-generation Kindle Fire.

Boy Genius Report also claimed that a 10-inch Amazon tablet, dubbed as “Hollywood”, is coming. Additionally, the website suggested that it will be thinner than the first-generation iPad. It will also feature a front-facing camera and a quad core processor. The upcoming Amazon tablets will have a metal casing, physical volume controls and a purported HDMI-out port. Meanwhile, there were no words on whether the device will have a Bluetooth, its processor, and whether Amazon will keep the 8 GB built-in memory without expansion capabilities.

Rumors about the Amazon Hollywood first emerged in May 2011. While the inclusion of a quad-core processor sounds impressive that time, it is now more of a routine in the industry.

The Downfall of Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire had a pretty good start when it was first announced. However, its custom version of Android mobile operating system and limited Amazon AppStore content drove its users at bay. It eventually became just an ordinary e-reader for most users. Hence, many are wondering, will the new Amazon Kindle Fire and E-ink reader will run on a modified version of Android 2.3?

The timing of these rumors can be intentional on Amazon’s part, especially now that the $199-worth of Google Nexus 7 is gaining traction in the blogosphere. This could also mean that the online retailer has something that could whack the search engine giant’s new device. However, there isn’t any report, claiming that something could surpass what Google Nexus 7 can offer as of this time. Furthermore, everything should be taken as a grain of salt until Amazon makes its official announcement.

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