Apple’s Injunction for Galaxy S III Could Pose “Big Problems”

Samsun Galaxy S III

Source: Samsung Galaxy S III/ Samsung

Apple’s recent courtroom victories against Samsung is the tech giant’s continued progress in its war against Android. Its next target is the South Korean electronics company’s latest smartphone flagship, the Galaxy S III.

Blocking Samsung Galaxy S III’s US Sales

The Cupertino-based company tried to stop the U.S. launch of Galaxy S III last month, but to no avail. However, the Android smartphone remains as a courtroom target. According to Topeka Capital Markets’ Brian White, in case Apple became successful in halting the Galaxy S III’s sales, it could pose a big problem for Samsung.

Prior to this, the iPhone maker won over their Samsung Nexus Phone injunction last week. However, Apple’s recent success rooted largely from the U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604.

California Judge Lucy Koh cited the said patent in handling down her ruling. According to her, the company articulated a possible harm due to “long-term loss of market share and losses of downstream sales.” The patent deals with the Siri voice commands and unified search functionality, which Apple first levied against Google and Samsung in February.

The company’s victorious preliminary injunction against the Galaxy phone was granted after the same decision was handed to block the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1. The injunction was also granted after the company posted a $96 million bond.

The Heating Smartphone Patent War

RBC Capital Markets Analyst Mike Abramsky stated in his recent note to investors: “The smartphone patent war is now at its highest intensity. While Apple’s litigation to date has failed to produce any significant wins, Apple is now bringing in the strongest patents into the war.”

Although the iPhone maker’s legal success against Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are important decisions, those devices are not major sellers compared to Galaxy S III. The company failed to block the June 21 U.S. launch of Samsung’s latest Android phone because Koh said that she couldn’t fit the issue on her schedule in just a short notice.

White, on the other hand, sees that Apple’s previous legal victories are a single step in their lengthy battle against Android. Nevertheless, this is a showdown that the company is well-prepared for.

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said to his biographer Walter Isaacson that his company would “destroy” Android, as he considered it as a “stolen product.” He added that he is willing to spend “every penny” that the company had just to rectify anything that is wrong.

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