Beta Site for iCloud Unveils Web-based Notes and Reminders


Source: Calendar Apps on iCloud/ Apple

Last Monday, Apple’s iCloud Beta site got an update, revealing the Web versions of iOS apps Notes and Reminders. The said applications join the other beta-labeled Calendar and Find My Phone on

Shutting Down MobileMe

Prior to this, Apple shut down its MobileMe website last Sunday, while letting its users to download and move their files for a limited time. As posted on its website, the company encouraged its users to switch to iCloud by extending free storage update and giving out free copies of OS X Snow Leopard:

MobileMe members with 20 GB of purchased storage receive a complimentary iCloud Storage upgrade of 20 GB, and accounts with additional purchased storage (40 GB and 60 GB) receive a complimentary upgrade of 50 GB after moving to iCloud. These free upgrades are good through September 30th, 2012.

However, a small number of users were having migration issues to iCloud. Some of them experienced service disruption to their iCloud mail accounts. Regardless, Apple believes that its new service is here to stay. In fact, CEO Tim Cook said last February that iCloud will be the center of Apple’s strategy “for the next decade or more.”

Notes and Reminders on

The Notes on iCloud is just like its iOS version, as seen on iPad when in landscape mode. Users can write, read, and edit notes, and all of the changes will be pushed on any iOS device associated with the iCloud account.

Reminders app, on the other hand, was taken out of the Calendar app, and it now boasts a dedicated icon on the iCloud homepage. It also looks just like its iOS version and offers the same features with changes being synchronized across all devices.

Find My iPhone also has some interesting changes for both its iOS and Web-based versions. The application now has a battery meter at the top right corner of device detail windows.

Apple is set to release access to the revamped iCloud together with the upcoming iOS 6 sometime this fall. The next-generation mobile operating system will bring in system-wide Facebook integration and a bevy of new features.

The online storage system was introduced last month during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference event. The iCloud is said to incorporate many of the features offered by MobileMe, although it was already stated that the company will ditch the Gallery, iDisk, and iWeb. It will also have a tighter integration with OS X Mountain Lion.

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