I Shall Remain’s Alpha Release, Now on Desura

Source: I Shall Remain/ Desura

A top-down view zombie survival game, I Shall Remain recently released its new content through Desura’s alpha funding platform. The game includes a lengthy survival map, remastered campaign mission, better graphics and sound effects, teammates with Artificial Intelligence, and a new defense-building aspect.

I Shall Remain Gameplay

ISR is a zombie survival game that pits the last remnants of the Marine Corps against infected hordes. As posted on the game’s official website:

Infection, and self-replication. The two ambitions of a virus that removed the very idea of safety from violence from human experience. Each force of resistance it encountered was devoured. As the infection spread to the very last bastion of civilization, the people who faced certain infection carefully carved their stories into the cement walls of the desolate buildings around them. Proof that they once existed. But then, there were cries to push on. A handful of men and women the nation once set away and baptized in the horrors of world war stand tall. They urge the fight to continue on. Is this madness, or will this be our salvation?

It is set in circa 1945 North Eastern United States, and the story revolves around the memory-impaired Marine named Michael. He woke up from a horrendous firefight in a small settlement of survivors. As he tries to recall his identity and regain his profession, he is tasked to gain his fellow’s trust and lead them in the fight against the infected species. Players will navigate the city to organize a team of survivors and equip them to fight, and plow through the crowds of zombies with lead, vehicle, and poison.

The game is the brainchild of the 23-year-old Marine Sergeant Jacob Way. He started working on I Shall Remain while deployed overseas in 2010. He has high expectations for the game, especially after seeing the success of its demo that was launched earlier this year.

ISR’s demo has been delivered to over 50 countries and has been receiving favorable feedback. The early demo is now available for free download on Desura.

Expected ISR Release

Desura’s alpha funding platform enables players to access earlier builds on the game. In turn, it helps fund game development. The funds garnered will be used to develop drivable vehicles, multiplayer platform, and Linux build. ISR will be available on Desura as soon as it is processed by the staff. I Shall Remain comes in at 333 MB and will be priced at around $10.

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