Apple’s 27-inch iMac Gets Limited Supply

Source: Apple iMac/ Apple

It has been more than a year when Apple last updated its 27-inch iMac. Thus, third-party resellers are now starting to see limited supply of the company’s all-in-one desktop.

Drying Supply of 27-inch iMac

Since Wednesday, it was noticeable that Best Buy and J&R are having stock-outs of the 27-inch iMac. Amazon, on the other hand, advertised that it only has limited stocks for the AIO desktop, which was removed later on. MacMall has sold out of its Apple computer with 2.7 GHz processor.

Best Buy’s lack of availability is noteworthy, as the online retailer simply states that the 27-inch iMac is “not available.” There are also no indications of restock. Meanwhile, Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display is labeled as “backordered,” with new orders scheduled to ship between 7 and 30 days.

The limited availability of Apple products on resellers is usually one of the first sign that a new device is coming. In addition, the all-in-one desktop already needs a refresh since its last update was in May 2011. However, it should be recalled that the Cupertino-based company kicked off its annual back-to-school promotion last month. With the Apple computer being a popular choice within the education sector, it is not surprising why there is a limited stock of 27-inch iMac these days.

What to Expect with the Next-Generation iMac

There were reports that Apple’s supply chain has been preparing for the initial production of the next-generation iMac. But there were also claims that the upcoming desktop would not be available this fall.

The rumored new iMac versions are expected to feature Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. What remains unclear is whether the desktop will boast Retina Display, just like the MacBook Pro. Instapaper developer Marco Arment received word last month that Apple would not be releasing a new iMac with Retina Display. Instead, the all-in-one desktop equipped with high-definition screen will land on store shelves next year.

Arment also pointed out why the company did not introduce a new desktop model during their annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

My core theory: Apple believes that Retina Displays are the only way to go from this point forward, and they’re waiting to update each family until it can be Retina-equipped.

Prior to this, there were speculations that the Apple computer would sport a high-resolution display, although there were doubts that the component wouldn’t make it for this year’s models.

There were also claims that the iMac would feature an anti-reflective glass. This will be a first for the AIO desktop, as the company only offers the feature as a build-to-order option for its MacBooks. Aside from that, the computer will be slimmer that its predecessors.

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