Remote Desktop Apps for iPad That You Need to Know

Source: LogMeIn Ignition Pro for iPad/ LogMeIn

Although it is yet to be dubbed as a laptop or desktop killer, Apple’s iPad has enabled users to control their PC from anywhere—provided that there is a stable Internet connection. In fact, dozens of remote desktop applications can be found at the App Store. Some of them are listed below.

LogMeIn Ignition

A lot of PC owners love LogMeIn Ignition because it has proven to be fast and efficient. It offers a free software host that, when installed, enables a user to control his or her computer anytime, anywhere. There is also the LogMeIn Pro service that costs $70 per year. This feature adds remote printing, file sharing, screen sharing, and other premium features.

It also offers failed login notifications, which will immediately send an email alert when someone tries to connect with the user’s remote PC and failed. The message will include the IP address of the machine that was used for the connection.

Citrix GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is the pioneer in consumer-friendly remote desktop access. It offers a wide array of services from basic to enterprise level. For as low as $99 a year, GoToMyPC for iPad supports multi-touch features such as single and double tap, pinch-to-zoom, dragging, and scrolling. The application also features advanced security and administrator features.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

For $5, Splashtop Remote Desktop offers VNC and Google Internet Discovery. Through its very simple interface, the application resizes the desktop of the host machine to fit the iPad’s screen. It fills the entire view of the tablet, leaving just one side of the device for control panel. The control panel has a little keyboard button that, when tapped, will bring up the onscreen keyboard.

Wyse PocketCloud Pro

The Wyse PocketCloud Pro is a $15-worth of business-grade remote desktop app that is packed with versatile connectivity options. However, it has minor rendering issues, which makes it run slower than some of the known remote desktop access applications for iPad. Nevertheless, it makes establishing a remote connection easier. It also supports automatic discovery through Gmail accounts, VNC, Microsoft’s RDP7 protocol, and VMware Viewer. Once a user downloaded the software, he or she can establish a connection to PC or Mac in less than a minute.


Although iCloud will be arriving to Apple devices once iOS 6 has been released, not every iPad owner has an iCloud-powered desktop at home. Therefore, it would be a good thing if users will equip their iPad with a remote desktop access application.

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