Apple’s New iPad Coming to China on July 27

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Based on a new rumor, Apple is now set to launch the new iPad in Mainland China on July 2. The news came in after the Cupertino-based company made a settlement with Proview Technology to use the iPad name.

Apple vs. Proview Settlement

Earlier this month, the longstanding Apple dispute for the iPad trademark against Proview has come to an end. Both companies have reached a settlement deal, which involves the iPad maker paying $60 million for the rights of the iPad trademark.

The ruling was issued last July 2, at the Guangdong High People’s Court. However, Proview’s CEO Yang Rongshan doesn’t seem that happy with the settlement, saying that the amount is not “especially large, but it’s OK.”

Proview originally wanted $400 million from Apple. That’s because the tech company filed a bankruptcy protection in 2009. They were reported to have owned over $400 million to a total of eight Chinese banks. Nevertheless, Apple’s settlement fee has officially ended their court battles against Proview. After that, Apple will now have the rights to use the iPad trademark.

New iPad Coming to China

It was reported that the third-generation tablet will be available in Apple’s six retail stores in Greater China, as well as in Suning electronics, the country’s largest retailer.

Prior to this, the new iPad with Wi-Fi already gained approval in China last March. It was followed by the 3G version in May. In relation to this, the tablet’s 4G variant is less likely to arrive in China. That’s because the tablet only supports the 4G network in the US, and it’s also facing litigations in Australia and UK.

As for the price, it is expected that Apple will release the new iPad in China with the same price as the iPad 2. That’s because the new iPad looks similar to its predecessor, making it difficult for retailers in Hong Kong to dismiss the stock of the third-generation tablet.

Other than China, Hong Kong was one of the ten places where the new iPad went on sale last March 16. In joined US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Also included in the list are Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Before Apple had its dispute against Proview last year, the iPad 2 was already released in China on May 6 2012. The launch drew large crowds that filled Apple’s retail locations.

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