Android Jelly Bean, Coming to Unlocked Galaxy Nexus

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Users of unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus are in for some good news, as Google rolled out their latest mobile operating system for the said handset. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now available for Galaxy Nexus that isn’t running on Verizon and Sprint in the coming days. The update will bring Google Now, new notifications, and a much more responsive user interface with the help of Project Butter.

Android 4.1 Features

Google’s new Jelly Bean mobile OS makes everything feel fast, fluid and smooth. It has actionable and expandable notifications, customizable widgets, as well as smarter and more accurate keyboard.

Expandable and Actionable Notifications
Android lets its user be in control with their notifications. With the new mobile OS, owners of Google device can now take action straight from their notifications. They can also get an even deeper look into important matters such as multiple emails or Google+ photos.

Magical Widgets
Users can also customize their device’s home screen with Android Jelly Been, as the widgets work like magic. When a user places a widget on the screen, everything else will automatically move to make room. In case it’s too big, the widget will resize on its own.

Redesigned Search Experience
The search engine giant’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean features a new user interface and faster Voice Search functionality. Users can simply type their query or ask Google a question. The search engine giant will speak back with a precise answer, if it has one, in addition to a list of search results.

Google Now
Also part of the Android 4.1 is the Google Now, which will give users the right information at the right time. The app will tell today’s weather, how much traffic to expect, or the score of the user’s favorite football team.

Other than Google Nexus, Motorola Xoom, Nexus S and other Galaxy Nexus phones will be the next devices that will receive the Android 4.1 update. The search engine giant also announced that their Nexus 7 tablet will run on the upcoming mobile OS. Google’s latest tablet will hit the stores later this month.

Outside of the mentioned devices that will have the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google didn’t give any timeframe as to when other Android smartphones and tablets will get their own piece of the Jelly Bean. Nevertheless, more people can now enjoy the benefits of owning a Google device.

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