Benchmark for Rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro Hints October Release

Source: Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display/ Apple

Although it was not verified, a test result of the purported “MacBook Pro 10,2” surfaced last month. It indicates a MacBook Pro that runs on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Build 12A2056 and features Intel Core i7-3520M Ivy Bridge processor clocked at 2.9 GHz.

Rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro on Geekbench

This sole listing of the rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro earned a Geekbench score of 7806. That is way below the 10999 earned by the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, which boasts Intel Core i7-3615M processor clocked at 2.3 GHz. However, it is higher than the 5000 earned by the 2011 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The Geekbench listing also shows that the unreleased 13-inch Apple laptop has a company-built motherboard identified as “Mac-AFD8A9D944EA4843.” In addition, the device’s BIOS is listed as “MBP102.88Z.00F2.B00.1206111035.” It has a 4 GB of 1600 GHz DDR3 RAM.

Now and Then: Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro

Rumors about Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display emerged following DigiTimes’ report, which claims that suppliers are gearing up to provide parts for the Cupertino-based company’s purported notebook.

As for Apple, the sources pointed out that Apple has demanded its upstream partners start supplying components for the 13-inch model in the third quarter and they have not yet heard anything about changing of schedule. As for when the product will launch, the sources believe the new MacBook Pro will have a chance to launch before October to catch up with the back-to-school season.

Prior to this, there were rumors that a number of notebook brand vendor have delayed or decreased their shipments for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. However, sources from upstream supply chain has refuted it and pointed out that its supply status is stable.

This is not the first time that a rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display was sighted. An online battery test of the said device was reported last month, as listed on Mini Battery Logger’s website. The machine used for the battery test was also labeled as “MacBook Pro 10,2.”

Because of the branding, speculation rises that the machine used on Geekbench and Mini Batter Logger is the next-generation 13-inch MacBook Pro. By following Apple’s naming scheme, the “10,2” branding is obviously different from the MacBook Pro 9,2 that was given to the company’s recently updated 13-inch MacBook Pro, which doesn’t feature Retina Display.

As of the moment, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display is labeled as MacBook Pro 10,1, while its legacy model is branded as MacBook Pro 9,1.

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