In the Works: Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone

Source: Apple iPhone 4S/ Apple

According to reports from Chinese sources, Apple has started its production for the next-generation iPhone with possible changes in tow. This includes the addition of glass to the handset’s rumored uni-body case.

Next-Generation iPhone’s Rumored Feature

Based on previous rumors, the Cupertino-based company’s upcoming mobile phone will feature a uni-body chassis with two-tone all-metal design. A purported production model will boast an inlaid glass piece between the backplate’s top and bottom edges. That is contrary to another speculation that the next-generation iPhone will have bare aluminum surface.

Compared to Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’ “glass sandwich” design using Gorilla Glass’ front and back coverings, the upcoming handset will allegedly have a backplate that will be “partially covered” by a glass panel. The change could be due to the device’s rumored increase in screen size. There were previous claims that the next-generation iPhone will feature a 4-inch Retina Display with 16:9 aspect ratio.

However, the latest pre-production design no longer shows a tiny hole between the mobile phone’s camera assembly and LED flash. Previous images and videos of the next-generation iPhone’s prototype design show a small hole between the camera and the LED flash, which some speculated to be a rear-facing microphone for video recording. However, the Chinese source noted that the hole may still be present, although it is “invisible” to the naked eye.

Featuring the “A6” Processor

Prior to this, AMOG reported that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will allegedly feature a quad-core processor. Although its clock speed or graphics processing utility were not mentioned, the mobile processor is said to be based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture.

Last year, the company introduced its iPhone 4S that features a dual-core A5 processor, which is clocked at 800 megahertz. In case Apple will build a next-generation quad-core ARM CPU for its next iPhone, it will be labeled as “A6,” especially if it will feature significant updates.

In relation to this, DigiTimes reported earlier this month that the addition of a new processor on Apple’s next-generation iPhone could heat up the competition between quad-core-powered smartphones.

Competition from quad-core smartphones will heat up in the fourth quarter of 2012, triggering by the roll-out of much speculated new iPhone and models built based on Qualcomm’s quad-core chips, according to industry sources.

According to analysts, Apple is likely to release their next-generation iPhone this fall, just in time for the holiday season. In addition, the company is also expected to release their rumored iPad Mini, as well as their much-awaited iOS6, this October.

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