Next-Gen iPhone’s Rumored Front Panel Will Have Centered FaceTime Camera

Source: Apple iPhone 4S/ Apple

Following the reports that Apple’s next-generation iPhone has already entered production, Taiwanese website showed images of the purported device’s front panel.

Centered FaceTime Camera

Although the size of the front panel is hard to tell, the photo’s accompanying report stated that the mobile component has a width identical to current iPhone, although it is slightly taller. Other than that, the picture also indicated that the Apple’s upcoming handset will have a centered FaceTime camera, which is located just above the earpiece.

The pictured front panel is allegedly from a pre-release, white iPhone that looks largely similar from the current model’s design. It has a space for a circular home button below the display and a proximity sensor to the left of the earpiece. pointed out that the image’s source is from a Photobucket user. It is the same user who acquired the rear panel for Apple’s third-generation iPad before it was released last March 2012 and revealed that it will be slightly thicker than the iPad 2.

Next-Generation iPhone’s Rumored Features

Prior to this, there were reports last weekend that Apple suppliers are building the next-generation iPhone ahead of the fall launch. There were also claims that the handset will feature an inlaid glass on the back, between the top and bottom edges that is made of metal.

Furthermore, multiple reports pointed out that the device will have a slightly larger 4-inch display that is expected to feature 26 percent larger 16:9 aspect ratio. Although this is the first time that Apple has changed the screen size of its handset, the aspect ratio will allow users to operate the device using just one hand.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone will also feature a quad-core processor, which is dubbed as “A6.” Although its clock speed and graphics processing utility were not mentioned, the mobile processor is said to be based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture. As reported by DigiTimes, the addition of a quad-core ARM CPU on the upcoming handset could heat up the competition between quad-core-powered smartphones.

People from the tech industry are eyeing September or October as Apple’s possible release date for their next-generation iPhone. It was during the same month last year when the company announced their iPhone 4S. Other than that, the launch window would allow them to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season, which could boost their sales for the rumored device.

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