Did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Get Married?

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Some guys have all the luck in the world. Case in point. Ryan Reynolds. Besides being a movie star he was once married to hottie Scarlett Johansson. Now, he may have gotten hitched for a second time to another beautiful actress.

According to a police report that was filed on July 8 the officer on scene refereed to Gossip Girl star Blake Lively as Reynolds’ wife.

The report was filed in the small town of Bedford Hills, NY after Reynolds claimed he was being followed by a photographer. The police report that was subsequently released mentioned that the officer talked to Reynolds “and his wife”. While the name of his “wife” was redacted from the report, the couple were rumored to have purchased a $2 million home there back in April.

The couple, who starred together in the 2011 film adaptation of DC comics Green Lantern, have been dating since last October. They also recently spent the Fourth of July together with Lively’s family. According to reports, the couple were definitely not shy in showing their affection. Reportedly, she was wrapping her arms around Reynolds and kissing him. But, are they secretly married?

Sources have told E! News that the two aren’t married and it was a mistake by the officer. TMZ attempted to get in touch with the Bedford Police Department for more information but to no avail.

Whether married or not, Ryan Reynolds is dating this:

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