AT&T and Other Carriers May Charge for 3G FaceTime

Source: Apple FaceTime for iPhone 4S/ Apple

Owners of iPhone 4S that runs on the latest beta of iOS 6 has encountered an error message whenever they try to access FaceTime video chat over 3G. The error message reads: “To enable FaceTime over cellular on this account, contact AT&T at 611.”

The prompt first appeared with this week’s release of iOS 6 beta 3, and it shows up when a user attempts to enable FaceTime over 3G on AT&T network. It is similar with the type of prompt that users receive whenever they turn on the mobile operating system’s Personal Hotspot tethering feature. Because of this, some users speculate that carriers might charge them for using 3G FaceTime.

AT&T declined to comment with regards to the error message and its accompanying issue. However, they released a statement saying that they are “working closely with Apple on the new developer build” and promised that they will release more information as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, a subscriber of UK-based telcos O2 inquired its customer support with regard to 3G FaceTime. According to an online representative, the feature will be included in the data allowance for iPhone users.

The 3G FaceTime is one of the new features that Apple will bring with its upcoming iOS 6. However, this component will be limited to iPhone 4S and cellular-capable, third-generation iPad.

Other iOS 6 Features

Yesterday, AMOG reported that existing iCloud users will have the new email addresses. This will be based on the users’ AppleID account names, and it will be effective once the upcoming mobile OS is released later this year. It was also discovered that Apple expanded its settings for the Maps application.

The latest mobile OS build indicates a new option in settings application of the company’s new Maps app. Developers are now allowed to customize certain aspects of the application like the volume of turn-by-turn navigation and whether the app should measure the distance in miles or kilometers.


When FaceTime was first announced in 2010 during the iPhone 4 launch, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs indicated that the company wanted to enable the feature over 3G. However, the company needed to “work a little bit with the cellular providers” to make it happen. In addition, the iOS 6 beta 3 is compatible with the new iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and fourth-generation iPod Touch.

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